Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nostalgie Cafe, Stewart Lane

There is a new place in town and it is called Nostalgie Cafe. It is situated along Steward Lane just nearby to Coffee Atelier. The place caught my eyes as I was passing by it one day. It had a lovely heritage door and lovely lanterns hanging in front. So today I made my way there to cari makan.

As I walked in the place, the thing that caught my eye was the design of the carvings of the room divider that had divided the long walkway. With the courtyard in the middle of the place, the sunlight had given the place a nice cosy contemporary feeling and gave that heritage look of how life was back then in this house. As I chatted to the owners, I got to know that there will soon be rooms upstairs to rent (hotel). The style of the rooms would be contemporary heritage style.

So what does Nostalgie Cafe serve? Well I shall begin now with what I tried.

First up, Rocket and Tomato Salad

This salad had rocket salad, lettuce and cherry tomatoes tossed with vinaigrette and topped with a generous helping of feta cheese. Loved how the sourness and saltiness from the cheese combined.

Second up, Teriyaki Chicken Burger

This was more of a sandwich than a burger actually. It had chunks of marinated teriyaki chicken meat, sliced tomato, lettuce, onions and some mayonnaise like sauce in it. The combination of its ingredients gave a very nice taste that one bite of it makes you want more. Not for those who are on a diet though as you will be craving for more!!! The potato wedges on the other hand was nice and crispy and just about the right amount of salt.

Third up, Beef Bacon Cheese Sandwich

If you are a bacon-cheese person, you will love this. Sandwich comes with slices of beef bacon stuffed rocket salad, tomato and a slice of melted cheese. Simple and nice.

Fourth up and still going strong, Prawns and Rocket Pizza

This pizza was something new for me as it had fresh rocket salad served in the middle of the pizza. Pizza had a tomato base to it. Something like the Margarita pizza, but it had also slices of red chilly in it. There were 7 juicy and succulent prawns placed nicely on each pizza slice. Pizza dough which was homemade was thin and crispy. Loved it.

Fifth, Chicken and Basil Pesto Linguine

I am a pasta fan when it comes to Pesto. So I had to try this dish out. How did it taste??

Well I must say it was indeed good to the last lick. It had a nice strong basil pesto taste and olive oil. But what is nice here is that you also get that nutty feeling and taste in the sauce. When I asked the chef, he mentioned that he had blended in walnuts in the sauce. Not forgetting that it also had fresh olives and cherry tomatoes in the pasta. I must say this Basil Pesto Linguine out beats the other restaurants that I have tried in Penang. Now about the chicken served here, at first I was "oh no chicken breast meat" when I saw it on the plate....but everything changed as I took a bite of it. The chicken breast was cooked just right. It was juicy and well marinated. What more it went well with the pasta.

Last up, Carrot Cake

Now this is a MUST try for all you carrot cake lovers out there. This cake served here was so moist, nutty, cinnamon-ish and cheesy on the top. Words cannot say how good it tasted, so go there yourself and try it out and let me know. This is one of their signature specialty. A MUST try I repeat! It would be a sin if you never tried this.

So this is what I drank

Pineapple Juice which was fresh chilled juice.

Kopi 'O'

Ice Coffee

My lunch here was satifying. Walked out here so full and satisfied. So would I come back here again? My answer would be, certainly YES.

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